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For any family with a baby, having a modern, automatic milk maker ready is always extremely important to save time for parents as well as help children not have to wait too long. Currently, on the market, there are many different types of milk dispensers that make you wonder which is the best choice for your baby. If you are looking to buy a high-end, modern milk maker but at a reasonable and affordable price, please refer to Burabi Plus milk maker. Please refer to the article below to know what Burabi Plus is produced here and what features does it have?

Which country’s Burabi Plus milk maker?

Burabi is a product inspired by the Australian slang Boorabee, which represents koalas and is the image of care and concern in this country. The Burabi brand is currently headquartered in melbourne and has an office in Mainland China located in Shenzhen. Currently, this brand has been constantly developing its global sales network in many countries and territories around the world.


With the desire to bring products and solutions for babies to be weaned, Burabi has been working hard to serve more than 50 million babies as well as support their comprehensive healthy development. One point that makes it possible for mothers to fully trust Burabi’s products is the company’s commitment to providing the best products for children.

This brand has spent a lot of time researching, designing and developing healthy eating and drinking products for children, as well as maintaining its focus on modern, safe and quality designs. Burabi is committed to providing children from 0 -3 years old as well as parents with convenient and effective products for preparing bottles and feeding babies. This brand will become your baby’s companion throughout the first years of life.

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Review of Burabi Plus milk machine is really good?

To be able to rate Burabi Plus milk maker Is it really as good as rumored or not, we will be based on the following factors:

1. Design

Burabi Plus milk maker has a beautiful, modern design with a touch key system that is quite easy to use. With a clear LED display, parents can clearly understand the temperature of the water and adjust it to suit the needs of the child. The area where the bottle is placed is designed by the manufacturer to be slightly concave to the bottom, to ensure that the bottle does not spill even while making milk or cause burns, dangerous for children.


In terms of structure, the order of components of the Burabi Plus milk maker is from top to bottom. The first is the powder container with sensor capabilities, followed by a touch button system that helps to adjust the temperature up and down as well as select the mode of cleaning the bottle, making milk or refueling with milk.

Just below the brand logo is a touch-sensitive funnel to feed milk or water when placing the bottle at the bottom of the machine. With the body of the bottle will be integrated with sensors to ensure that the temperature is always right as required by the user.

The middle of the bottle will be equipped with a bottle sensor so that when the mother puts the bottle in this position, the machine will automatically sense and refill water or milk. Devices such as water level sensor, measuring device will be integrated on the back of the machine.

2. Functions

The machine can connect to the app right on the phone in a simple way, you just need to scan the barcode to immediately connect to the device. This connection will help the mother record the child’s daily development such as weight, height, milk volume, etc.

Burabi Plus Milk Mixer Not only used to make milk for babies, but you can take advantage of it to make it for the elderly or pregnant mothers, which is extremely convenient with many different drinks such as mixed green bean powder, kudzu, milk tea, …

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With a wide temperature range ranging from 35 – 70 degrees Celsius, the Burabi Plus machine can make most of the formulas available on the market. Currently, some lines of powdered milk machines often have disadvantages such as not being able to mix milk required at high temperatures such as Aptamil of Australia or Meiji of Japan, but Burabi Plus can mix Japanese milk lines with the recommended temperature of about 70 degrees Celsius.

The milk mixing level of the Burabi Plus machine is not fixed, depending on the baby’s feeding needs in each stage and age, the mother can set the brew level from 30 to 240ml/time. Besides, some dispensers have a minimum capacity of 60ml, but for babies, it will be more suitable for 30ml.

3. Technology used

Burabi Plus milk maker The application of many outstanding technologies such as:

Safety sensor functions such as child lock, temperature sensor and avoid faulty machine use.
Smart MCU technology with the ability to automatically adjust the amount of water during use.
The product uses BPA-free materials, so it is extremely safe for users, you can use the app to automatically make milk for your baby after connecting to wifi. Besides, mothers can choose from more than 5000 formulas to mix baby formula at the touch of a button.


The bottle is equipped with an LED light so that parents or grandparents can easily get milk for their baby in the night without turning on the light, avoiding affecting the baby’s sleep. The milk container is always airtight, ensuring that the milk does not get wet, moldy or lumpy during use.
Burabi Plus formula milk dispenser has been patented. Therefore, mothers do not need to worry about problems with clumps or blockages and do not have to clean their output during use.

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of Burabi Plus milk maker

To be able to rate Burabi Plus milk maker More comprehensively, we will base on the following outstanding advantages and disadvantages:

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Burabi Plus milk maker has a smart design with a touch panel

Has high quality materials, safe for your baby during use

Installation is quite simple and easy

In addition to the ability to make powdered milk, the multifunction machine can make many different types of powder

The brewing time with the Burabi Plus machine is quick, time-saving, and won’t let your child wait for a long time

The machine has a wide temperature range, the highest is up to 70 degrees Celsius and can mix Japanese milk lines or milk lines that require high temperatures.

Diverse milk mixing level: From about 30-240ml/time.


The device has a built-in safety sensor and child lock as well as a connection to the phone app,

LED light design is convenient to use at night.

Mom will not have to spend too much time cleaning the machine after each use for the device that has the automatic cleaning function with just a light touch of a button.


Although there are many advantages but Burabi Plus milk maker There are also some disadvantages such as:

The smart touch panel is in English and does not support Vietnamese, so it will be a bit difficult for mothers who are not fluent in English. However, when buying genuine imported products, mom will have an extremely convenient user manual in Vietnamese.
The product is a bit heavier than other milk machines.

Where to buy Burabi Plus milk maker? How much?

Currently, Burabi Plus milk machine has a price fluctuating on the market of about 6,250,000 VND / product. Mothers can buy Burabi Plus at many shops selling mother and baby goods or electronics supermarkets nationwide. In addition, mothers can also refer to the stalls on the e-commerce floor to receive preferential prices.


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